Editing Features

Primitives/Objects Supported
Cone, Sphere, Cube, Disc and Cylinder.
RenderSoft VRML Editor creates these primitives with a click of a button.

In addition, RenderSoft VRML Editor can also read files containing indexed face sets, indexed line sets and point sets. You can edit these objects just like you edit the above primitives.

Object Transformation
Operations that you can perform on primitives/objects include Move, Scale, Rotate and Scale Orientation.

Texture Transformation
You can move, scale and rotate your textures before applying them to the surface of your objects.

Camera Viewpoints
Ability to navigate perspective view with mouse, by moving or rotating the camera.
Switch from top , bottom, front, back and side views of the scene easily.

Duplicate Object
Duplicate your 3D object with the same material, texture and geometrical properties.

Delete Object
Remove your unwanted object with a click of a button.

Display Style
You can view your scene in shaded or wireframe form.

Change the ambient, diffuse, specular and emissive properties of your 3D object. Make your objects shiny.

RenderSoft VRML Editor supports the Jpeg (.jpg) and Windows Bitmap (.bmp) formats. Applying texture is as simple as selecting an image file.

Point Light
RenderSoft VRML Editor allows you to create point lights and move them around or change their colors.

With RenderSoft Text Editor, you can easily insert text into the 3D space. You can place text in front of one another, rotate them in 3D and paint them with beautiful colors.

SANS, SERIF and TYPEWRITER are font families supported by RenderSoft.
BOLD and ITALIC are the font styles supported.

WWW Anchor
Allows creation of WWW Anchor from 3D objects in your scene to other resources (URLs) on the Internet.

An optional grid is provided to aid the placement of objects in the scene.

Object Placement
You can easily set the position of an object to the center of the screen by clicking a button.

Enhanced Animation Panel
A simple but powerful animation panel allows you to create keyframe animation easily.