RenderSoft VRML Editor

"... a great tool for producing small but active worlds ..."
PC Magazine


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RenderSoft VRML Editor 2.0

RenderSoft VRML Editor is a freeware that allows you to quickly and easily create 3D logo animations in AVI format.

Ever feel that you want to edit while you browse a VRML scene? Well, RenderSoft do just that. Apart from object transformations such as moving, rotating and scale, it also supports textures and materials and WWW anchor.

Using RenderSoft VRML Editor, everything you edit is reflected instantly on the screen. You can see the material of your object change instantly as you move the slider, or see the texture change immediately after you select an image. Beginners will find RenderSoft the ideal program to jump start VRML, while those accomplished in the VRML language will find it useful for visualizing and fine tuning their VRML web pages.

RenderSoft is written using OpenGL, an industry standard API. This ensures the rendering will be of sufficient quality.

RenderSoft VRML Editor 2.0 is now free. It features an updated interface, improved usability with auto-rendering, and many bug fixes.

This is an example of an AVI movie logo created with RenderSoft VRML Editor 2.0.