RenderSoft Illusionae 2.20


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What's new in Illusionae 2.20

RenderSoft Illusionae is a powerful texture-generation engine for making realistic 3D textures. It creates textures using an algorithmic approach, manipulating formulae and displaying them in the graphical form. It gives you the freedom to explore the generated textures, and change them dynamically. Because of the mathematical nature of the textures, RenderSoft's powerful engine is able to provide an unlimited number of possibilities.  

Download Illusionae 2.20

Platforms: Win 95/98/NT 

Free! Download the shareware version of RenderSoft Illusionae 2.20 now : (449 KB)  

Download previous version, Illusionae 2.12 : (409 KB)  


Screen shot
  • Generate images automatically. Select an image and use RenderSoft's unique technology to vary its properties. The Interface is so easy to use and yet powerful that you become a texture creator expert in no time. 
  • Permuate the images if you are not satisfied with the current series. What is great about this software is that you keep getting new images which you have not seen before. An unlimited number of images are possible due to mathematical nature of image generation method. 
  • Click to magnify or shrink the image. Attain your desired scale in seconds. 
  • Render superior quality 3D images. Special algorithms are used to produce photo realistic images. The height of the images can be varied. The 3D bump map of a particular texture can be stored and be used on other textures. Different bump options are provided to cater for different effects. 
  • Merge different textures together if you are not happy with just one layer of texture. Merge functions available include Average, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Min and Max. You can even specify the amount of transparency for certain functions. 
  • Select the seamless option to create textures which tile seamlessly. This is especially useful for making background in web pages. 
  • Vary the color of the images with powerful features. Change the hue, saturation, contrast, brightness etc by just dragging the mouse. Switch to a new color palette with a click of a button. 
  • Save textures in different sizes and a variety of format: Jpeg, Png, Pcx, Tga, Bmp. 

Illusionae is now Free!

To enable all the features of Illusionae, please enter the following registration number into Illusionae by selecting the Help:Register function from the main menu

Registration Number :


Sample Textures created by Illusionae

The following images are created by RenderSoft Illusionae.They can be downloaded and used freely without any restrictions.  

Contributed Images 
We are grateful to the following individuals for contributing some beautiful images created with Illusionae.

Images by Joseph Harvat . The following is a link to his site Renfield Imaging

Images by CandeeKis

Images by Margie Petit  

What’s new in version 2.20:

  • If you come across a very interesting color palette, you can now save it as a standard .pal file. This file can be loaded back into Illusionae for reuse by other textures. The .pal format is widely supported by third-party painting software and you can conveniently use them to edit the color palette you have exported from Illusionae. 
  • The largest image size that is supported is now 8192 by 8192 instead of 1280 by 1280. This allows you to create very large textures that are suitable for high-resolution printing.  
  • The merge dialog now supports a new option that allows you to stretch the preview image to the size of the merge image that you have specified.  
  • You can now apply the color palette to the merge image by using the "Colorize Merge Image" filter. When this option is turned on, the merge image will change its colors as you alter the hue, saturation and contrast settings.  
  • You can now load a JPEG or BMP file into the merge window for merging with other textures.  
  • Bugs fixed.
    • Some systems that give a blank image in the merge window if the merge size is too big will now behave properly.
    • Illusionae will no longer crash if the Print or Print Preview command is used with the "No Bump" option.

What’s new in version 2.12:

  • New basic textures are introduced. The Polar texture gives your image a radial style. To see some samples, please click here for Large Radial or Small Radial series. 
  • You are now allowed to choose the light direction when rendering 3D textures. 
  • A new color palette generation method -- using illumination shading -- is added. 
  • An option which gives better previews of textures (for fast computers).

What’s new in version 2.0:

  • A new bump option, Texturizer is added. You can now can use image files created in other paint programs as bump maps in Illusionae. 
  • You can now set the preference of the textures you would like to see by using the Select Texture function. 
  • New methods of color palette generation using color splines are introduced for better texture shading. 
  • Implementation of Undo/Redo operations for the merge window. 
  • Inclusion of some simple filtering operations for the merge window: Edge Detection, Blur, Directional Blur, Emboss, Sharpen, Brighten/Darken and Tint. 
  • You can now Print/Print Preview the merged image. (Registered users only)
  • Tiling of the merged image is now possible. You can use this function to see whether the merged image is seamless.
Download Illusionae 2.20 now!